Invitation to Grand Opening Euro Disney Resort

In the winter of 1991/92, the Walt Disney Company invited hundreds of journalists, dignitaries and VIP’s to attend the Grand Opening of the Euro Disney Resort on April 10, 11 and 12, 1992.

People were sent a tri-fold cardboard invite with beautiful three-dimensional ‘Sleeping Beauty Castle’ artwork in the center and an embossed Mickey Mouse on the front.

The invitation came in a heavy cardboard folder, measured unfolded approximately 18" x 8" (folded 6" x 8") and was 1/4" thick. It stated the following:

“Celebrate! The real land of make-believe in the heart of Europe. Dedicated to the imagination and wonder of people everywhere. You and a guest are cordially invited to be the very first to enjoy the magic of a dream-come-true: The Euro Disney Resort, Marne-la-Vallée, France.”

All invitees were welcome to join in the following celebrations: 

Saturday Evening, April 11, 1992

The Gala Celebration

“A spectacular night with celebrities, dignitaries and glittering events televised live to a worldwide audience featuring the Main Street Electrical Parade and the ‘Fantasia’ fireworks spectacular.”

Sunday, April 12, 1992.

The Grand Opening of Euro Disneyland

“Opening the gates of “Le Château de La Belle au Bois Dormant” to the public for the very first time at 9:01 a.m.”

Only the happy few were invited to the Grand Dedication of the Euro Disney Resort as well, as evidenced by the following different version of the invitation.

Friday Evening, April 10, 1992

The Grand Dedication of the Euro Disney Resort

“Join us for a star-studded evening of spectacle and pageantry as we celebrate the Hotel New York, the New Port Bay Club, the Sequoia Lodge, the Hotel Cheyenne, the Hotel Santa Fé, Festival Disney Entertainment Center and Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show.”

Saturday, April 11, 1992

A Magical Day in Euro Disneyland

“Mickey Mouse and his friends invite you to a very special private party showcasing the Magic Kingdom and its 29 incredible attractions within: Main Street USA, Frontierland, Adventureland, Fantasyland, Discoveryland, Disney Classics Parade and the Disneyland Hotel Grand Dedication.”

At the back of the invitation, the (original) Official Partners of the Euro Disney Resort were listed: American Express, BNP, Coca Cola, Esso, Europcar, France Télécom, IBM, Kodak, Mattel, Nestlé, Philips and Renault.

Invitees were required to confirm their attendance during the Grand Opening before March 1, 1992 by returning the RSVP card mailed with the invitation.

The invitation to the Grand Opening of the Euro Disney Resort belongs to the ‘Designing Disney Research Center’ collection.

This article is part of the “DLP Twenty” series, commemorating the twentieth anniversary of Disneyland Paris, starting April 1, 2012.

Shared Knowledge

Submitted by Jim on December 22, 2011 - 18:25 #

About the first photo / unveiling of the Sleeping Beauty Castle (“Rendez Vous au Chateau” Press Event, October 12, 1991).

The Euro Disney Resort Marketing Department consulted the illusionist David Copperfield to figure out how to reveal the Sleeping Beauty Castle in the right way.

The feeling was that - given the fact that Copperfield had made the Statue of Liberty disappear once as part of one of his magic TV specials on CBS - David would know a little something about the proper way to "unveil" / reveal the new Disney castle.

As a "thank you" for his help with the press event, David was invited to the official opening of Euro Disney in April 1992 and the official opening of Space Mountain, “De la Terre à la Lune” in June of 1995 (together with his partner, model Claudia Shiffer).

Learn more about the illusion “Vanishing of the Statue of Liberty”:

Video “Rendez Vous au Chateau” Press Event:

Submitted by Michaeland on December 7, 2011 - 17:34 #

I was there. 11 April 92 was a beautiful day and evening. I have never seen this invitation though. Tickets to the party were sweatshirts with different Mickey Mouse patterns on them. The top photo on this article is from the 12 Oct. 91 unveiling of the "Chateau de la Belle au Bois Dormant".


Submitted by Stephane on February 1, 2012 - 04:52 #

During the event "Rendez Vous au Chateau", I was on duty acting as a communication "platform" next to the first aid office with a battery of walkie talkies and one of the first Motorola "cellphones" available at the time.

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