Launch DLP 20 Extended – Review New Scenes Disney Dreams & Disney Light’Ears

In April 2012, Disneyland Paris kicked off its 20th anniversary celebrations with the debut of “Disney Dreams”, a marvelous nighttime spectacular featuring crystal-clear projections, colorful dancing fountains, spectacular pyrotechnic displays and stunning laser effects.


Ever since its premier, Disney Dreams has racked up rave reviews from guests, media and industry professionals alike (IAAPA 2012 Brass Ring Awards Winner - Best Overall Production, Budget of + $1,000,001). And now, at the occasion of the extension of the 20th anniversary celebrations, Disneyland Paris has added some new features to make the show even better then before.


Disney Dreams was updated with the addition of “Lion King” and “Brave” - themed scenes. In my opinion, these new sequences look more spectacular, seem to last longer and make better use of the fountain equipment than the ones that were removed (Mary Poppins and Jungle Book).

The Lion King




An exclusive look inside the Disney Dreams control booth! With Associate Director Katy Harris.


And as from July 2013, the audience viewing experience will be enhanced as well, with the release of the “Disney Light’Ears”. These are technology-filled Mickey Mouse ear hats that light up to match the colors and flash to the beat of Disney Dreams.


In the States, these hats are called “Glow With the Show” ears. Both versions are more or less the same. Although, the European Disney Light’Ears have a different battery pack, a much simpler on & off switch, and a more vibrant printing.


“Light’Ears” is an invented name that combines the words “light” and “ear hat”. These words were chosen because they reflect the qualities / characteristics of the product and because they can be understood by people for whom English is not their first language.


The word “hat” was dropped to make the name shorter. The apostrophe was used to link the words “light” and “ear” together. It doesn’t suggest that a “y” was taken out. Therefore, the resemblance with the word “light-year” is just a mere coincidence.


During the official launch of the extension of the Disneyland Paris 20th anniversary celebrations, I had the chance to try the Disney Light’Ears myself and I have to say, they are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!


Some readers asked me if the ear hats did not distract me from the show itself. Well, let me be honest with you about this one. The first time you see Disney Dreams with the Disney Light’Ears, all of your attention is focused on the little hats because you want to see for yourself if the ears really interact with the nighttime spectacular. After all, you heard so many great things about them. But once you’re convinced of the potential of the Disney Light’Ears, you focus on the castle again. And when the lights return to normal, you wonder if the ears escaped your notice during the second half of the show. But they didn’t. They influenced your experience in a subtle, yet profound way.


Because the Disney Light’Ears give you the impression that you were standing much closer to Sleeping Beauty’s castle moat then you actually were. They seem to create a link, to bridge the gap between the show and its audience. The hats of others bring you closer to the magic. And by wearing the hat yourself, you can give others an extra magical time too.


As you can see, there is plenty of value in these new Disney Light’Ears, but how much do they cost you might wonder? Twenty Euros to be exact. That’s not such a big deal considering it has the same price tag as the other (hugely popular) classic novelty hats.


And a pair of Disney Light’Ears is a great investment since Disneyland Paris is planning more syncing opportunities at some point in the future. Or you can take them to the Disneyland Resort in California, where they can interact with “World of Color” and “Fantasmic”. They even light up at home. And when the batteries run out, they can easily be replaced.


So I truly hope that you’ll all be wearing Disney Light’Ears next summer. Because, if we all do so, it will bring sweeter “Dreams”, for you and me.

And now, let’s soar beyond the stars! Here we gooooo!



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