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At the occasion of the launch of “Disney’s Magical Moments Festival”, the Designing Disney Blog asked some of its readers the following question: “What is the most enchanting, beautiful or memorable moment you and your family ever experienced at Disneyland Paris”? Today, we’re happy to share some of the answers with you!


Nekane – Spain.

“It was a sensation I will never forget!”

The first time I entered the Disneyland Park, I was amazed at the beauty and splendor of Main Street USA. I immediately knew that I had finally found my paradise, my happiest place! I was so excited. It was a sensation I will never forget!


Jonathon – England.

“Even looking back now, this picture brings a massive smile to my face.”

My most memorable moment at Disneyland Paris happened in October 2009. My eldest son was only 18 months at the time and this was to be his first trip and our first trip since 2004. He was in absolute awe of the place, the characters and the amazing rides there, which must have been overwhelming for an 18-month-old child.

We were nearing the end of our last day, and had decided to hop over to the Studio’s to ride “Cars Race Rally” (which had become a firm favorite). Just after exiting the ride, Kacee spotted Mickey Mouse hanging around in Toon Town with no-one else around him, he went running over to Mickey and I managed to snap this picture…

Even looking back now this picture brings a massive smile to my face and summed up how brilliant the whole of that trip had been for all three of us.


Claire – England.

“We were accorded the ‘very important person’ status!”

I have visited Disneyland Paris for more then fifteen times now. So I have lots of great memories! However, our stay at Hotel Santa Fe in December 2009 was particularly memorable.

Upon our arrival, we were accorded the “very important person” status, as it was already our seventeenth visit! As a VIP, we found a welcome letter and coffee & tea making facilities in our room. And we didn’t have to pre-book a time slot for breakfast neither. It all made me feel very special!

I love Disneyland Paris! It’s a hop, skip and a jump away, just across the Channel.


Niki – Germany (Born in the USA).

“The encounter with Toy Story’s Woody was a very sweet and precious moment.”

My family and I went to Disneyland Paris in April / May of 2010 to celebrate my fortieth birthday. Disney magic was all around, but there were a few noticeable differences between Paris and Disneyland California / Walt Disney World, Florida, USA.

In Frontierland, we wandered into a large area that didn't seem to have much activity going on. We did notice a queue of sorts that we decided to investigate. It turned out to be a line to meet Western Goofy, Western Mickey, and most importantly (to my son at least) Toy Story's Jessie & Woody. They were located in a gazebo.

My kids went up to get the usual autographs, then Woody, to my surprise, walked down the steps to bring me my sons autograph book. He went back up to where the kids were waiting, and then amazingly picked up my son for the picture. I just couldn’t believe it. One of my son’s favorite toys is holding him!

That never would have happened in the States, where Characters aren't allowed to pick up children. It was a very sweet & precious moment that we talked about the remainder of the trip.


Jonathan – England.

“It was like having the Park to yourself”.

The most enchanting moment I have experienced at Disneyland Paris was in December last year, during the parks Christmas season, when over four inches of snow fell within three hours, in the worst snow fall Paris had seen in a quarter of a century.

Many guests had left the Disneyland Park as the majority of the rides were closed due to the blizzard. So my wife and I were able to walk around Adventureland and Frontierland, in the falling snow, without seeing another person. It was like having the park to yourself. It was truly magical!


Adam – England.

“He headed straight to Minnie Mouse and gave her the biggest hug.”

My son is no stranger to Disney theme parks. By the time he was two and a half years old, he had been to Disneyland Paris, Walt Disney World and on a Disney Cruise. Yes, his parent’s don’t give him much choice. He has never been scared of meeting the Disney Characters but his interaction with them had always been minimal.

That was the fact until December 2009…

We had turned up at Walt Disney Studios Park early to make sure we saw the “Good Morning” show. It was the perfect way for all the children in our group to see the Disney Characters. After the Characters finished their show, they made their way down to the waiting lines of people.

At that moment, our son made a break for it and headed straight to Minnie Mouse. She, luckily, saw him running towards her and bent down, just in time, to receive the biggest hug.


Steve – England.

“Being the world’s biggest fan of Cars, Lucas was immediately captivated by the ride. He just looked so happy!”

Last September was our tenth trip to Disneyland Paris since our first visit in July 2002 and although I have many great memories of those nine trips, going to Disneyland Paris with our little boy, Lucas, for the first time, was just amazing.

He was actually a bit poorly from all the traveling and he didn't start to really enjoy himself until the afternoon of the second day. That afternoon, we told Lucas he could have a balloon if he was a good boy. He was a good boy and on the way out of the park that evening we bought him a Mickey Mouse balloon and he was so happy!

The second moment came on our last day and was one of the nine rides on “Cars Race Rally”. This was a ride that we only discovered for the first time on day three and being the world's biggest fan of Cars, Lucas was immediately captivated.

I thought it would be a bit fast for him but he loved it and wanted to ride it again and again. He loved seeing Lightning, Mater, Luigi and Guido, as well as all the other Cars theming. Lucas just looked so happy! It’s such an amazing memory of Disneyland Paris for us.


Sebastiaan – Holland.

“It was an amazing experience and I loved every second of it.”

During my most recent visit to Disneyland Paris, I dropped into talk with a friendly Cast Member. During the conversation, I told him that we’d love to see the Disneyland Park after dark. But unfortunately, that day, the Park wasn’t open that long.

The Cast Member asked me if we already had dinner plans. He suggested having a meal at the “Blue Lagoon Restaurant” (Adventureland) near closing time of the Park.

While we would be allowed to stay at the restaurant up to fifteen minutes after closing time, until we finished our meal, it would enable us to stay in the Disneyland Park until darkness fell.

I took his advice, made a reservation and had an amazing dinner at the “Blue Lagoon Restaurant”. Afterwards, a friendly Cast Member escorted us to the exit of the Disneyland Park. It was the perfect opportunity to see the Park’s illuminations. It was an amazing experience and I loved every second of it!


Katy – England.

“It was like the whole Disneyland Park had waited, just for us!”

My most magical memory isn't from my first, second or third visit, it's from the fifth. It was the first time I went to Disneyland Paris during the Christmas season. Further, my fiancé had never been there before.

We arrived at the Resort around dusk and went straight to the Disneyland Park. Somehow we'd managed to enter just right for the “Castle Lighting Ceremony”.

The lighting along Main Street USA was dim. But when we started walking towards the bandstand, the castle lit up!

It was like the whole Park had waited just for us. It was so beautiful! I simply couldn't speak. I had a huge lump in my throat. And my fiancé was just staring, astounded at how beautiful it all was.

It was his first Disneyland Paris experience. But it was surely an unforgettable ‘Magical Memory’!


The Designing Disney Blog wishes to thank Nekane, Jonathon, Claire, Niki, Jonathan, Adam, Steve, Sebastiaan and Katy for the effort made to send us their stories and photos.

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