Morgan ‘Bill’ Evans

Born: Friday, June 10, 1910
Died: Friday, August 16, 2002


  • Artist with living plants.


  • Transformed eighty acres of orange groves into the Disneyland Park (Anaheim) with little time and money.
  • Preserved lots of plants and trees that grew on or nearby the Disneyland construction site.
  • Taught us that the landscape design for theme parks should increase guest comfort (shade and shelter), screen off visual intrusions and support the story.
  • Trained a new generation of “Horticultural Imagineers” by sharing his expertise.

Important projects:

  • Landscaped the grounds of Walt Disney’s Holmby Hills home.
  • Landscaped the “Jungle Cruise” attraction at Disneyland.
  • Worked on additions to Disneyland.
  • Worked on the master plan for the Walt Disney World Resort and Epcot Center.
  • Consulted on landscape design for Tokyo Disneyland.
  • Consulted on schematic designs for various elements of the Florida Resort.
  • Selected the plant material for Disney’s Animal Kingdom.
  • Helped planning the landscape palette for Hong Kong Disneyland.
  • Worked on the "Euro Disney" project, consulting on the construction of the first Park as well as the overall Resort. Mister Evans took several field trips to Europe to help identify material, nurseries and growers, many of whom he had long relationships with. He also worked on the added capacity program that commenced shortly after the opening of the Disneyland Park. And he hired, mentored and worked closely with the current head of horticulture at Disneyland Paris, mister Luc Béhar-Bannelier.
  • Shortened the timetable for making topiaries by creating new methods of bending, tying, training and shearing ordinary specimens such as olive trees and eugenia.

Photos: (C) Disney.

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