Disneyland Paris launches online fan survey

Since a few months, Disneyland Paris is doing its utmost best to engage and interact more with its large fan base.

In order to define all appropriate steps that need to be taken to reach this goal, it has launched (for the very first time) an online survey to find out what their fans like the most about the Resort and what they expect from their (future) relationship with Disneyland Paris.  

Are you a true Disneyland Paris fan? Of course you are! Then you should take this official online survey dedicated to Disneyland Paris fans right away!

The survey is open to everybody as from the age of 16. No personal details are required. Due to known problems with the Internet browser ‘Mozilla Firefox’, the survey works best with ‘Internet Explorer’, ‘Safari’ or ‘Google Chrome’.

During the survey, you will be asked which Disneyland Paris fan sites you know or visit. Please don’t forget to check / tick the box beside the name of our website, “Designing Disney” (and of our Partner “DLRPFans”). Thank you, it means the world to me!

Click here to take the survey

You can take the survey from November 24 until December 12, 2011. But you better do it now. After all, it’s a unique opportunity to tell Disneyland Paris how you feel about the Resort and that you like this website / appreciate the work we do.

Thank you so much for your willingness to fill out the survey.

In the end, it will lead to a “great, big, beautiful tomorrow” for all Disneyland Paris fans!



(1) By Bert Snyers for Designing Disney.
(2) By Loren Javier.

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