Bob Gurr

Born: Sunday, October 25, 1931


  • Director of Special Vehicle Development
  • Disney Legend (2004)


  • Designed unique vehicles and transportation and ride systems for Disneyland and Walt Disney World, including the Monorails, the original Matterhorn Bobsleds and the Autopia cars.
  • Coined the term, ‘Omnimover’.

Important projects:

  • Autopia.
  • Disneyland’s original Flying Saucers.
  • Submarines.
  • Turn of the Century Main Street Vehicles.

Other projects:

  • Mechanical workings of Disney’s first audio-animantronic figure, Abraham Lincoln.
  • 1964 - 1965 New York World’s Fair Ford Motor Company ‘Magic Skyway’.
  • Animated light spiders on the Jackson’s 1984 Victory Tour.
  • 1984 Los Angeles Olympics Closing Ceremony UFO.
  • Original King Kong Encounter at Universal Studios Tour.
  • Jurassic Park T-Rex animated figure.
  • Ursula creature figure in Triton’s Kingdom at Tokyo DisneySea.

Written by guest writer Q Gabriel – Smith.

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