From Dreamer to Dreamfinder

Author: Ron Schneider

Publisher: Bamboo Forest Publishing

Pages: 302

Release Date: Monday, July 16, 2012

What is this book all about?

This book is the autobiography of mister Ron Schneider, the theme park performer and show developer who was the first to portray “The Dreamfinder” (one of the characters that used to be featured in the “Journey into Imagination” attraction) at Disney’s Epcot.

Why should you add this book to your collection?

  • Proves that a dedicated Disney fan can become part of Disney history too.
  • Offers a peek behind the scenes of Disneyland’s legendary Golden Horseshoe Revue.
  • Explains how “Journey into Imagination” came to be / “Figment” was conceived.
  • Describes what EPCOT’s long forgotten “Skyleidoscope” show was all about.
  • Defines what it takes to create a good dinner show (like “Womphoppers”).
  • Tells us about the early days of the “Universal” and “Magic Mountain” theme parks.
  • Gives a good insight in how a theme park / entertainment venue is run and operated.
  • Points out the reasoning behind the 1985 licensing agreement between Disney and MGM.
  • Recalls stories about the beginnings of the online Disney fan community.
  • Teaches us a very important life lesson: never give up on the goals you have in life. Yes, the road may be long and bumpy. But if you keep on trying, grab the chances that come your way and sometimes dare to face the unknown, you will succeed.
  • During his entire career, Mister Schneider always kept believing in his dreams. He was hard working, determined and courageous. And that makes him an example to all of us. Check out this well written, compelling book and get inspired by this remarkable person. Let him be that “little spark” that changes the way you look at / live your life!

Can I take a little peek inside?

Excerpt Page 102:

“A few days later Figment and I step out for our first regular day on the job – and all anyone wants is to have their picture taken with us and to get my autograph. And I pose and I sign and I pose and I sign… and the whole time I’m thinking: Is this it? Have I come all this way just to pose for pictures?

How can I get these people to engage with me creatively? How can I get them to play like they did back in Spillikin Corners? And most importantly: How can I make our interaction an extension of the themes and ideas presented in the ride?

Then one day – a miracle. I spontaneously react to a small child as if I’ve never seen one before. His parents laugh and the child himself grows very serious and explains to me what he is (a boy named Michael) and where he comes from (Orlando). I act fascinated… his parents are amused… and he is suddenly thinking about himself and his life in a new and objective way.

I have inadvertently stumbled on the perfect premise for my guest interaction. By turning the spotlight on the child as a unique and wonderful being, I am in essence echoing the opening scene of the Journey into Imagination; but the sparks I’m collecting now are the guests that I meet.”

Check out the following things too:

- Video Epcot's "Skyleidoscope" show
- Photos "Womphoppers" dinner show
- Video Mr. Schneider sings "One Little Spark" inside the "it's a small world" attraction
- Video appearance of "The Dreamfinder" during the D23 "Destination D" fan event

Where can I purchase the book?

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