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About Maxime

Founder, author & webmaster of the “Designing Disney Research Center”.

By Isabel - October 2011.

It was an early summers day in June 1995 when Maxime visited Disneyland Paris for the very first time. He was immediately blown away by the immenseness of the grounds, the spectacular rides and the enthusiasm and professionalism of the Disney Cast Members.

In Disneyland Paris, Maxime could get lost in worlds he had known only from books and movies. He fought pirates on the high seas in the morning and rode off into the sunset in the Wild West in the afternoon.

That visit was to be the first of many and the beginning of his fascination with everything Disney. He started to follow the Disney enterprise from up close and began to read up on the rich and wondrous history of Disneyland Paris.

As Maxime grew up, he became more interested in the other Disney parks and the whole of the Disney story. As a result, he found an even greater appreciation for Disneyland Paris.

Through his research efforts and countless visits over the last sixteen years, he got to further his knowledge of Disneyland Paris, the Disney Parks & Resorts and Walt Disney Imagineering.

In 2009, Maxime decided to do something with all that accumulated knowledge and share it with a larger audience. The project “Designing Disney” was born and on the 29th of October 2009, the “Designing Disney Blog” went live.

The “Designing Disney Research Center” is the logical next step and an attempt to contribute to the greater knowledge of the art and history of Disney theme parks.

Maxime takes every opportunity he has to introduce people to Disney’s magic. He loves to guide his family, friends and fellow Disney fans through Disneyland Paris and watch them by swept away in this fantastic world.

A world dreamt up by Walt Disney and that’s being perfected to this day by the efforts and enthusiasm of the hard working people behind the scenes.

Via this site and via his accounts on Twitter and Facebook, Maxime hopes to spread a bit of the joy that is Disney!