Current Events

December 2016

Sweet Christmas at Disneyland Paris – Photo Report

We put on our warm winter coat, bonnet and mittens and captured the magic of this year’s Christmas season at Disneyland Paris.

Creating Disney Magic – Inside the Disneyland Paris Bakery

We go inside the Disneyland Paris bakery and meet mister Thierry Cantot, a pastry sous chef at Disneyland Paris since 1992.

Sweet Christmas at Disneyland Paris – Vanilla Cupcake Recipe

At the occasion of our 2016 Christmas series, the Disneyland Paris Bakery gave us the permission to publish the recipe for its famous vanilla cupcakes.

Designing the Disneyland Hotel Gingerbread House

We discuss the design and construction of the Disneyland Hotel gingerbread house and pay tribute to the efforts made by the many talented Cast Members involved.

November 2016

Disney’s Halloween Party 2016 – Photo Report

Our photographers put on their costumes, mingled with the crowds and perfectly captured the magic of a Halloween party at Disneyland Paris.