• Discovering Ratatouille – Review Attraction

    Review of DLP's newest attraction.
  • Discovering Ratatouille – Creating The Animation

    Interview with Andrew Schmidt.
  • Discovering Ratatouille – The Pixar Connection

    Interview with Roger Gould & Liz Guazzano.
  • Discovering Ratatouille – Creating The Score

    Interview with John Dennis.
  • Discovering Ratatouille – Description & Design

    Tom Fitzgerald discusses the story and design of DLP’s newest attraction.

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Discovering Ratatouille – Review Attraction

We tell you why Disneyland Paris' new "Ratatouille" attraction fully meets our quality standards arising from the major reason we fell in love with Disney theme parks more then 19 years ago.

Discovering Ratatouille – Creating The Animation

In this article, Pixar animator Andrew Schmidt explains how the animation for “Ratatouille: L’Aventure Totalement Toquée de Rémy” came to be.

Discovering Ratatouille – The Pixar Connection

Roger Gould and Liz Guazzano talk about the involvement of Pixar Animation Studios in the creation of Disneyland Paris' new "Ratatouille" attraction.